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Report on Making Our School an Anger Prevention Zone
It’s a bliss to be happy which is only possible by being happy. Happiness can do wonders for the holistic development.
Anger is one of the basic human emotions, as elemental as happiness, sadness, anxiety or disgust. Anger management is a process to take action for calming down, be happy and dealing with the situation in a productive way.
Students of middle classes were given tasks that included PowerPoint Presentations on the causes of anger and how to control it.
Students of primary section also were very happy about the activity and they expressed themselves beautifully through paintings and write-ups in Tuxpaint, MS- Paint , Ms-Word, etc.
Students expressed their views through the presentations. They presented ill effects of anger such as health problems, headache, digestive problems, depression, high blood pressure, skin problems. To manage anger and fill life with happiness they connected their thoughts with positivity, yoga, meditation, etc.
They did not just use the technical software in computer period, but also shared their views with their respective teachers. As a result, students participated with immense enthusiasm which was reflected in their presentations.
Computer Department

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