Story Telling Sessions

Primary Wing (Classes 1stto 5th ):-

In this time of pandemic , Mahavir Senior Model School organized Summer camp virtually from May 6th to June 4th  . To enrich students knowledge with the help of different fun loving activities. Library department conducted number of “story telling” sessions to boost up their reading skills and channelize their bubbling energies in to constructive direction. Stories are about so much more than just reading and to listening.  They are instrumental in cognitive , social and emotional development. We shared different activities, based on different stories week wise like :-

Moral Stories:

These stories imbibe moral values in our students and guide them on how to evaluate right versus wrong. We shared stories like, The ant and the dove, The goose and golden eggs, Weak and Strong and The ant and grasshopper.


Funny Stories:

Laughter relax the whole body and relieving tension and stress and made them feel good. We shared funny stories like Birbal ki khichadi , list of fools and Tenali Rama.



Fairytales :

These stories made our students happy , joyful and enrich their imaginative thinking, We shared stories like, Beauty and  the beast, The elves and shoemaker and Jaadui chakki.



Parent’s week :

Dedicated one , week as Parent’s week and shared different stories and activities related to it. Without support from parents, children’s health ,education, and emotional well being is at risk.