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About School



MAHAVIR Junior Model School at Gujranwala Town,Part-I,Delhi-110009 is a dream project of Mahavir Foundation,an Organization committed to the cause of value based education and welfare of the society.it was established in April 1991 to spread the light of quality aducation at Pre-Primary student. Through Years of sincere dedication,diligence and preservance, saplings have grown into a flowering and fruit laden tree.Today it is a much preferred leading Pre-Primary school of North Delhi.


Our primary goal is to holistically develop the whole child and to channelize his potential into creative outlets. We believe that each child is potentially divine and help him/her to grow freely in a vary natural way drawing out the best in the child.we endeavour to nurture the saplings entrusted to us with love, affection & care.

Children are provided the right ambience and a very safe, stimulating and creative environment for their best Holistic Development---Physical,social,emotional,We aim at ensuring that our Young learners grow into shining stars in knowledge, curiosity,courage,confidence,independence, competence,etc.$ get a platform to enhance their personality from Young Orators to enhance their personality from young Orators to Cultural Ambassadors of tomorrow.


Mahavir junior Model School is located at Gujranwala Town,having beautiful parks at both the sides.The school building is well conceived & well designed institution with thoughtful add-ons from educational point of view.The school is resourced with modern well- maintained facilities,such as Air Conditioned rooms,smart board classes, R.O. drinking water facility,separate hygienic washrooms for boys and girls, security lock at entrance gate. The class-rooms are very spacious,colorful & attractive.We have a few other special rooms i.e Monteessori- Apparatus Room Active Room Computer Room,Library,Music & Dance Room and a Play Hall well equipped for the child,s overall growth.