Music Dance & Instrument

Music gives a soul to the universe,wings to mind , flight to the imagination & lift to everything. The Music Department of MSMS is aiming towards the holistic development of students through music .Music teachers (Mrs. VENU GARG, Mr. SANDEEP & Mr. GOVINDA) help Students in nurturing their musical skills in basically two genres of music i.e. Vocal & Inst. Music We have two separate rooms for vocal & inst. Music equipped with a variety  of musical instruments both Indian & western-like - DRUM, CONGO ,JAMBE, TABLA , CAJON, KEYBOARD , GUITAR , HARMONIUM , SHAKERS, BONGO, BASS DRUM, CHIMES. Technical support is also available like computer, sound system, mic to deliver powerful lessons.Besides delivering musical lessons ,many activities , meditative practices and interactive sessions are done on various topics. Throughout the year, students are given opportunities to participate in various inter school & intraschool musical competitions & win at various zonal & state levels . consequently , many students have been made capable of playing many instruments and singing diffent genres  of music. music department is always keen to know how we can serve child’s need in a better way. we strive to provide a faith based education in a structured & nurturing environment.our dedicated faculty work to educate the heart , mind, body & spirit of today’s young people. our mission is to create a place where each child is welcomed , loved , respected .music department welcome those , who seek & appreciate a value-centered  Quality education. I invite parents to see yourself, what music department of MSMS has to offer.

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