From Principal's Desk

"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom."
- George Washington Carver

At Mahavir Senior Model School, we endeavour to impart holistic education to budding minds, wherein we hone the academic abilities of our students, fine-tune their aesthetic sense and build sportsman skills towards building a culture that values the individuality of each pupil.

While promoting academic excellence, we are constantly integrating, redefining and rejuvenating ourselves, ever trying to safeguard and nurture the sensitive human being in every student, embracing contex-specific and context-relevant strategies.

John Dewey said, "Education is not preparation for life; education is life iteself."

Thus, we are committed to provide each child an exclusive opportunity to evolve and actualize his dormant potential. The focus is on the child and his growth and development. Sucess, at MSMS, in measured not only in grades and percentile, but in developing and acquiring many critical skills of attitude, relationships, problem-solving and inner motivation.

The school aims to blend modern outlook with traditional values. While laying emphasis on ethical values, we connect globally. Thus, the school is emblematic of this coexistence.

In our quest of knowledge and pursuit of excellence, I believe that the institution, home and community must have a harmonious and symbiotic relationship. At MSMS, we are fortunate to have a supporting Management, a large dedicated and zealous team of dedicated teachers, operational staff and of course an enthusiastic and vivacious group of students who make our efforts efficacious and meaningful.

Learning forward and expanding vistas in this delightful and joyous journey of learning....

Ruchika Sukhija
Principal - Mahavir Senior Model School

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