Virtual Cultural Extravaganza - Saluting the Invincible "She"

Team MSMS celebrated 'Girl Child Day', 'Dussehra' and the auspicious occasion of 'Durga Puja' on Thursday, 22nd October 2020 with a great pomp and gaiety. 

The virtual program commenced with the welcome note followed by the rendition of Navkar Mantra. Our dynamic and dedicated Principal ma'am, Mrs. Ruchika Sukhija illuminated the gathering about 'Educating and sensitizing our future generation' through the themes of this celebration. 

To witness our enthusiastic students the cultural event initiated with speeches and poems in English and Hindi conveying the message of 'Saving a girl child', Girl empowerment  and focusing on the relevance of Durga Puja.

This was followed by a mesmerizing music performance titled as 'Girl Child - The Chosen One' where our young Mahavirians and their parents depicted the theme of International Day of Girl Child -'My Voice, our equal future' to eliminate all forms of discrimination against girls. 

Followed next, the Dance and Drama department showcased a commendable and charismatic 'Nritya Natika - Durga' in which students portrayed the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva coming together to create a powerful female form with ten arms called as 'Maa Durga'.

A scintillating presentation titled 'Shakti a personification of energy' was showcased by the Art department .The message to save the girl child was beautifully portrayed in the artistic illustrations made by the students shedding light on various roles a women plays in her life and emanating that girls are blessing of God on the Earth.

The poetic version of 'Ramayana in the form of 108 dohas' were  beautifully presented by the students of class 1 .This impressive rendition of Ramcharitmanas left the audience spellbound.

Further, a music performance was exhibited on 'Nav Durga Nari ke Nav Roop' by students from class 5 to 11 .The soulful tunes of the song perfectly captured the essence of power that is embodied by Goddess Durga.

An electrifying show titled 'Corona Dehan' beautifully showcased the victory of good over evil . The catch line of the show was 'Let contemporary Ravana - Corona go up in flames'.

Our pillar of strength and guiding light, honourable Director sir, Sh.S.L Jain appreciated the wonderful presentations and collective effort of MSMS team for making the event a grand success. He also emphasized on the need to let knowledge conquer the evils of dishonesty and corruption for the upcoming generation.

The programme culminated with the blessings of Director sir, Principal Ma'am and a special vote of thanks presented by the head boy and President of student council.

Back to Roots: A Cultural Extravaganza

Team MSMS celebrated 151st Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and 116th Birth anniversary of Sh. Lal Bahadur Shastri on 1st October 2020.

The program started on a pious note with the rendition of Navkar Mantra.

The cultural event started with a dance performance which as a feast for the eyes.

It was followed by poems and speeches in English and Hindi which acknowledged the contributions of Gandhiji and Shastriji in our struggle for freedom.

The event was interspersed with Musical Bonanza:Bande mein tha Dum and drama presentation Harry ke Gandhiji which left the audience awestruck. These presentations taught young students to imbibe the values personified by these two great leaders of our country.

The creative presentation Gandhi Ek Bharosa, Shastri Ek Vishwas showcased the artistic skills of young Mahavirians.

The event also celebrated 30th International Day of Older Persons by appreciating the contribution, wisdom, dignity and needs of our senior citizens.

Our dedicated and passionate Principal ma'am Mrs Ruchika Sukhija illuminated the gathering about the selfless service of great leaders and instilling the same values in all of us. Following her footsteps, Team MSMS paid tribute to Director sir Sh. S.L. Jain ji on International Day of Older Persons through a video presentation.

Management member Mr. Prashant Jain, Director Sh. S.L. Jain and Head Mistress Mrs. Aparna Trehan applauded the efforts of Team MSMS in putting up a spectacular show.

The event concluded on a reflective note that if we want to soar high, it's imperative for us to stay true to our roots.


Report on Human Chain to create awareness for the upcoming Legislative Assembly Elections in Delhi

A human chain is a form of demonstration in which people link their arms or join hands as a show of political solidarity
Keeping this thought in mind, an event to form a massive human chain was organized on the grounds of MAHAVIR SENIOR MODEL SCHOOL to create awareness about the importance of voting in the upcoming elections on 8th Feb 2020. 
In this event our Mahavirians enthusiastically participated  by displaying placards and posters with the objective of creating  voter awareness ,to increase voter turnout,importance of exercising franchise.
We at Mahavir school  are embarking on an ambitious task to strengthen our country's democracy. It will be an educational gesture from children to their parents and every adult to understand the importance of their role in exercising their franchise.
let's all take an oath to vote
I an Indian citizen ,take oath that I will exercise my valuable right given by the constitution of India,of casting my vote,under every possible circumstance and whenever I get the opportunity. Election of our representative by voting is not only our right but also our duty towards our country. 
I will make all possible efforts to use my vote and elect a public representative who would meet nation's expectation  and
I also take a oath I would encourage other people to vote with awareness.
"Your country's future is in your finger tips...vote for better India"
Every election is determined by the people who show up

Social Science Department

Report on Educational Excursion to Gandhi Smriti

To celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, CBSE has proposed a list of activities to be conducted by schools from October 2019 to October 2020.

In direction to this , The Social Science Department has organised an educational excursion for the students of class VI, in which they got a wonderful opportunity to visit Gandhi Smriti on 5th February, 2020. Gandhi Smriti at Old Birla house on Tees January Marg is a venerated place where Mahatma Gandhi's epic life ended on 30th January 1948. Students were guided through the richly mounted corridors of the museum where there was a pictorial display of the freedom struggle and how Mohandas became a Mahatma. The students in awe saw in vivid scenes from Gandhi ji's life. They also walked past the stone imprints of Bapu's sacred last footsteps at the place of his martyrdom. They also watched a short documentary and visited the eternal Gandhi multimedia museum on the upper floor. They were also fascinated to see the 'Khadi emporium' and get motivated to use Swadeshi items like Khadi clothes and learnt how Khadi used to make with Charkha. To observe the understanding of students the follow up worksheet was also done by students. 

This excursion aims to sensitize and aware students about Gandhi ji's beliefs and principles such as 'Unity in strength', 'Believe in Satyagraha', 'Truth and Non Violence are the biggest weapons'. A peep into this great Mahatma's life surely inspired the students and it was all on all a novel, enriching and enjoyable experience for them. 

I would like to show my gratitude towards our honorable Director Sir, Principal Ma'am and HOD, Mrs. Bhawna Agarwal for providing us these opportunities to organize such enriching programs. 

Teacher Incharge
Ms. Isha Jain

Farewell Ceremony to Class 12

“Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.” - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The students and mentors of class 11 (Ms. Geeta Kumar, Ms. Garima Madan and Ms. Palak Chadha) organized the *farewell ceremony for class 12 (batch 2019-2020) on 25th January, 2020 in the school ground. It was a morning of mixed emotions as a batch full of talented students is about to leave the school. 

The learners sought blessings and initiated the event with Navkar Mantra. The entire stage was festooned with balloons and different posters which added to the flavour of the morning and were made keeping the *theme of the day in mind, “Yes, I am a dreamer”.

The seniors and all the staff members received a warm welcome from the juniors. It started with *Tilak Ceremony and Gift Distribution to class 12. The juniors put up a great show with a band performance where they highlighted the indispensable relationship flourished during the school, friendship. The performance included various songs on friendship sung in a melodious chorus with various instruments. The group dance performances where the juniors gave outstanding performances on modern Hindi movies songs were a feast to the eye. The juniors created an ambience of enjoyment and music for the seniors to enjoy their last memories in the school. 

The seniors were also given various titles during the title distribution ceremony. There were about 21 titles like Mr. and Ms Khiladi, Jai Veeru, Mr. Photogenic and others. The titles of Mr. and Ms Mahavirian were given to Rishabh Nath Nagar and Divya Raghav. The title, Queen of Mahavira, was won by Khushi Bansal.

The occasion was graced by enlightening words from Director sir. He encouraged learners to reflect on their journey throughout the school and express their views in the way they have grown as social and individual beings. 

The school observed the felicitation of the newly appointed Prefectorial Board and Student's Council  with a total of 17 posts. The former Head Boy and Head Girl of the school handed over the responsibilities by entrusting the school's flag  to the elected Head Boy, Ronak Sharma (XI-C) and Head Girl, Gunjan Bhatia(XI-A), for session 2020-2021. The team pledged to abide by the school's philosophy and uphold its good name by providing their dedicated ministration.

The Principal, Mrs. Ruchika Sukhija congratulated the designated team. She addressed the gathering by wishing a bright future to the seniors and appreciating the efforts of juniors in bringing about a commendable show. She went down the memory lane expressing how farewells always are full of mixed emotions and one of the most special memories for anyone associated with an institution as it is a conclusion to all of what they have put in making ourselves a part of it.

Further, the event was made memorable with the flashback memories that were shared by some seniors in the speech that created an emotional moment. The former Head Boy, Rishabh Nath Nagar and Head Girl, Khushi Bansal, also gave heart warming speeches and left all with moist eyes as they articulated the school's and teachers' contribution in shaping the entire set of learners.

The program ended with a vote of thanks by Ms. Bhawna Aggarwal which was followed by Dance and Lunch. A token of love was given by seniors through their hugs and happiness to juniors. All the teachers conveyed their best wishes to the students of class 12 for their upcoming board examination.

Class 8th Debate Competition

 "It is better to debate a question without settling it, than to settle a question without debating it"   ~Joseph Joubert
Debate is one of the academic activity that give students a creative room to express what they feel. To offer this creative opportunity to our young Mahavirians, An interclass Debate Competition was organized on 23rd January, 2020 , for the students of Class VIII , held in the school premises. 
The aim of the competition was to hone public speaking skills of the students and teach them to be articulate while expressing their thoughts and opinions.
The topic of the debate was "Social Networking Sites : A Boon or a Bane?" Total 9 teams participated enthusiastically and eloquently shared their views in favour of the topic and against it. The participants, armed with lots of pros and cons of networking sites made their arguments more emphatic with their righteous facial expressions and voice modulation. Talented and budding speakers exhibited great oratorical skills.
Students enumerated various points as :
 ☆Pros of SNS
*Made communication much easier.
*Sharing of important information.
* Means to get entertainment.
* Stress Buster
* Socializing Activator
* keeps Up to date 
* Business deals
 ☆Cons of SNS
*Fake and weak relationships 
* Self esteem issues - Comparisons
*Unreliable and inauthentic information 
*Privacy Issues
*Cyber Crime
*Lack of physical activities- more health issues
* Waste of Time
It was indeed a riveting debate with a crisscross of opinions and apt rebuttal and speakers spoke with great confidence and gusto. 
The competition was judged by Mrs. Narender kaur and Ms. Megha Sharma.
Our honorable Principal ma'am, Mrs. Ruchika Sukhija graced the event by her presence and enlightened students about the cautious use of Social Networking Sites followed by an interactive discussion session. Further, she congratulated the proud winning teams.
The competition was an enthralling experience for the speakers as well as the audience.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude towards honorable Director Sir, Principal ma'am and Mrs. Kanchan Naswa -HoD English Department for  providing constant motivation and encouraging us to organise such activities.

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